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Literature Overview

In Net-Zero-2050 - Cluster I of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative – scientists are investigating and evaluating different strategies and new approaches towards CO2-neutrality in Germany by 2050.
On this page we give you a first insight into the topic and provide a literature overview with a focus on the literature relevant to the project‘s individual work packages. The overview will be continuously updated, but does not claim to be complete.
You will find introductory literature on the current state of knowledge on climate change as well as on political strategies and goals in Germany, the EU and in the wider international context. In addition, current scientific approaches are presented and categorized according to the four-part project structure of Net-Zero-2050. Since the research project works across a variety of research areas and involves the public in two case studies, scientific publications on inter- and transdisciplinary work are presented at the end of this literature overview.


Current State of Knowledge about Climate Change

Policy Strategies & Goals


Scientific Approaches

Roadmap & Scenarios

Pathways & Scenarios
Carbon Budget
Ethics & Law

Circular Carbon Approaches & Carbon Dioxide Removal

Background information
Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)
Direct Air Capture (DAC)
Polymer Membranes
CO2 Conversion

Subsurface Storage Solutions

Background information
Storage Solutions

Nature-Based Storage Solutions

Marine storage solutions
Organic and agricultural soils

Interdisciplinary Teamwork