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Project 4: Storage solutions in nature

Natural greenhouse gas sources and sinks play an important role in the overall CO2 budget. Both, CO2 emissions and storage often depend on choices made in management and land use. Under various climate scenarios, the project will assess the potential of terrestrial and marine systems to reduce CO2 emissions and store carbon. In addition, it analyzes the impact of measures to achieve the net zero targets in Germany.

Due to the large spatial differences and the limited number of studies, the capacities of nature-based systems to absorb and store atmospheric carbon are currently largely unknown and are subject to very high error tolerances. A goal of this project is therefore to better quantify this capacity and reduce uncertainty. As part of the overall “Net-Zero Toolbox” architecture, interoperable data services such as programming interfaces between simulation models/data and web applications as well as a prototypical “carbon app” are intended to support the integrated, national scale assessment and knowledge transfer to stakeholders.

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